Visual & Game Programming

This program helps to create game programmers. Game Programmers must not only have the artistic talent and abilities, but more importantly be well-versed in the technical aspects of the game, thus capable of comprehending the intent of the artistic creator and the technical needs and challenges in achieving the intended results of the game designers. With that unique understanding, the Game Programmer can customize the programming tools in a computer software application to best meet the needs of an individual game.

An intensely hands-on program that combines an introduction to animation skills with technical programming skills, the Visual & Game Programming program focuses on student ability to create and modify programs/scripts for game levels. Students will be introduced to the principles of programming, which enables them to enter into the world of shading development, graphic dynamics, and pipeline streamlining. They will learn programming tools such as Perl, C++, C-shell, Mel scripting, MaxScript, DirectX & OpenGL. Students in this program will become very familiar with different operating systems while focusing on Unix type platforms.