Interior Design

Ninety percent of our lives are spent in built environments – the spaces in which we eat, sleep, work, and play. Interior designers address the human issues of these places: space planning, traffic patterns, as well as the colors, surfaces, and furnishings. Every design decision is made to evoke an emotional response that will enhance the space and its intended use.

The 9 month Interior Design diploma program provides a hands-on approach to education that develops students’ strengths in the design of three-dimensional space, utilizing light and a sensitive selection of materials with thoughtful details to enrich the human spirit. Students employ principles of aesthetics as well as planning and problem solving. The Interior Design diploma program is based on the premise that interior design is both an art and a science, whose purpose is to enhance the quality of life and facilitate human activity. The Art Institute of Toronto will prepare students to become capable professionals and to contribute creatively and productively as problem-solvers in a variety of environments and aesthetic contexts.

The study of this discipline is best served as an approach that combines the critical-thinking skills and broad cultural knowledge resulting from study of the liberal arts with the creative and technical skills necessary for interior design practice. The program combines exploration of theory with practical experiences to reinforce the relationship that exists between knowledge and its application.

The mission of this program is to prepare students to function as ethical, well-trained professionals who are able to conceive and develop viable creative solutions within market realities.

The diploma in Residential Design is a prerequisite for this program. Contact Admissions for additional details.

Graduates in the Interior Design program are prepared for entry-level employment such as: Facilities Planner; Visual Merchandiser; Residential Planner; Non-Residential Planner; Manufacturer’s Representative; Renderer, Draftsperson – Manual and CADD; Product Specific Purchaser; Showroom Coordinator; Resource Librarian; and Design Consultant.