Hospitality & Restaurant Management

The world’s most illustrious restaurants build their reputations on being able to meet customer expectations and demands for service, quality, nutrition, diversity of product, and flavour. At The Art Institute of Vancouver – Dubrulle Culinary Arts, we understand that successful communication between all the players in the business – in the kitchen and in the front of the house – keeps things running smoothly and contributes to the overall success of any culinary venture.

Curriculum for the Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management program begins with an introduction to the fundamental culinary skills and techniques used in basic cookery. Students then explore the various dimensions of culinary, such as the role of culinary education and various career opportunities, before moving on to both practical and theoretical skills in the business arena. Purchasing, budgeting, planning and cost control knowledge informs students of the market requirements of running a food and beverage business. Front-end management issues such as dining room procedures, management by menu, and human resources management expand on the student’s ability to foster effective communication with key staff. Students are also grounded in the marketing, financial management and kitchen management skills critical to operating a business in the hospitality and culinary industries. During the fourth and final quarter of the program, students combine all the critical skills they have acquired in the program to the development of a complete business plan for a minimum 100-seat restaurant. They are then prepared to embark on an externship in industry, to gain real world experience.

The Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management program is a prudent choice for those who possess a passion for the culinary and hospitality industries. Whether you dream of owning or managing a restaurant, or are looking to work with catering companies, hotels, and cafes, the program opens a variety doors to employment. The program also suits individuals currently employed in the service industry who are looking to challenge themselves and broaden their career options. Upon successful completion of the program, students enter the work force with a well-rounded portfolio that lays the foundation for a life-long career in the culinary arts.