Graphic Design

Images, typography, and design. The coffee logo known around the world. Posters for movies you can’t wait to see. Packaging and ads for international corporate giants. Television and film titles. Web sites. They are all the work of graphic designers creating concepts that cut through the clutter to educate and persuade.

Our 9 month graphic design program develops a broad foundation in advertising design, graphic design, and illustration and teaches the production skills that are needed to pursue careers in design. Our goal is to guide and enhance a student’s creative and professional development by providing the skills and basis for lifelong learning.

As they progress in their studies, students are guided in the development of a portfolio, which features professional-level work to show prospective employers. The Graphic Design diploma program provides a foundation of knowledge and skills together with training in industry practices. Students engage in both conceptual and applied coursework as well as in hands-on technological applications. Students will also learn skills that will help provide them with the professional and business savvy to work in team-based environments for small to large businesses.

Upon completion of this program, students will have gained the knowledge necessary to perform tasks such as drawing and design fundamentals, lettering and typography, design layout, and package design.

A graduate is prepared to enter the field in entry-level positions such as Design Assistant, Production Artist, Layout Artist, Assistant Art Director, Designer, Broadcast Graphic Artist, Mock-Up Artist, Salesperson, Spot Illustrator, Digital Artist, Web Page Designer, Desk Top Designer, Presentation Artist,and Graphic Designer.