Digital Film & Video

The Digital Film & Video Program provides an intensive study of digital production focusing on digital film, corporate and commercial video production. New tools for content creation are continually rising on the digital landscape. Today’s content developer must be able to navigate this world with confidence. This program will provide the student with the skills and organizational thinking necessary for a safe, creative, and productive journey. Expanding digital markets have and will continue to present new challenges for the workforce. With this in mind, the Digital Film & Video program will offer the student an ever expanding curriculum to meet the needs of industry, while creating an environment conducive to helping students grow intellectually and creatively to meet the demands of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Students will be prepared for at least entry-level positions depending on their motivation and skill level in a variety of settings including production houses, film sets, film and documentary companies, television stations, advertising agencies, and in corporate video production facilities. This program is best suited for students who are highly motivated self-starters who want to learn about digital video technology.