Media Arts

Animation Art & Design

Advertising, television, film and video, entertainment, game design, architecture, education, and businesses, including law firms and insurance companies, are among the industries that make use of des...

Media Arts

Digital Film & Video

The Digital Film & Video Program provides an intensive study of digital production focusing on digital film, corporate and commercial video production. New tools for content creation are continual...

Media Arts

Game Art & Design

The Game Art & Design program is designed to concentrate on the artistic side of games, not computer programming, this unique program is the first step toward becoming an artist and designer in th...

Media Arts

Visual Effects

The Visual Effects program trains students in two major areas; motion graphics and digital compositing. These interrelated fields deal with design, layering and movement of digital elements and imager...

Media Arts

Visual & Game Programming

This program helps to create game programmers. Game Programmers must not only have the artistic talent and abilities, but more importantly be well-versed in the technical aspects of the game, thus cap...

Media Arts

Professional Recording Arts

The program includes all course work in the Professional Recording Arts diploma program with additional academic and project requirements and higher expectations regarding academic achievement. Extra ...

Media Arts

Independent Recording Arts

Surround sound, interactive CDs and DVDs: Audio has come along way since the early days of vinyl. For individuals interested in professional engineering in the digital age, or just learning how to wor...


Fashion Design & Merchandising

The Fashion Design and Merchandising program offers the best of both worlds – the ability to transform design ideas into garments and accessories as well as knowledge of the business side of the...


Fashion & Retail Management

Fashion retail and merchandising is a thriving industry worth billions of dollars worldwide. Globalization is creating a demand for fashion marketers and merchandisers with sensitivity to other langua...


Residential Design

The 9 month Residential Design diploma program provides a hands-on approach to education that develops students’ strengths in the design of three-dimensional space. Students will learn the basic...